Definitions of Terms under Alphabet L
Low-E Glass

Glass which has been factory coated with a thin layer of material which acts to absorb and reflect heat and UV rays.

Lock Stile

In insulated door assemblies, the full-length part which makes up the lock edge of the door panel.

Lock Height

The dimension from the top of the door to the center line of the lock bore.

Lock Bore

For cylindrical lock-sets, the large through hole near the door panel’s lock edge into which the lock mechanism is placed and installed.

Lock Block

A rectangular block of wood or other solid material, placed inside a door assembly at the lock side edge, which reinforces the assembly when the lock hardware is installed.


An assembly of glass and a surrounding frame.


A term which can apply to a door or hinge and which defines a part of the assembly which can swing on a pivot. Butt hinges have two leaves.

Latch Bore

The hole drilled into the edge of a door to accept the door latch lock hardware.


A thin sheet of wood or plastic that is bonded with adhesive to a core or substrate which creates a decorative and usable surface.