Definitions of Terms under Alphabet S

The base or core material in an assembly of parts. The full-length wood or composite part of the sill.

Stile and Rail Doors

A type of door constructed without a door skin, so that the vertical and horizontal members are visible.


A metal part with a hole or recess for receiving a door latch. It has a curved or ramped face so that a spring-loaded latch contacts it when closing.


In stile and rail doors, the vertical pieces on both sides that connect the rails together, enabling lock, latch and hinge mortising to be done.

Slide Bolt

The part of an astragal assembly which places bolts into frame heads and sills. It is for fixing passive doors closed.


A fixed narrow panel, installed next to a door panel, for decorative purposes.


A thin piece of material used between parts of an assembly to change and fix the distance between parts, when they are fastened.


Elastic material pumped or trawled into a joint to prevent water penetration.

Safety Glass

Glass which when broken, shatters into small pieces without sharp edges.