Engineered Wood Doors are constructed from a variety of wood types that combine to make a door that has several advantages over solid wood doors.

Rather than solid wood doors, which are made up of a single block of wood, an engineered wood door is assembled from several different wood species, which are formed into a single engineered core. The core’s exterior is covered with an outer layer of high-quality wood veneer. Most engineered cores are a mix of hardwood and softwood and are overlaid with a solid wood veneer.

An engineered door with a solid wood veneer looks just as high quality and beautiful as a solid wood variant. Not only are they beautiful, but they are also much more cost effective. So you can get the look of solid wood doors, but with none of the associated higher costs.

Additionally, engineered wood doors are far more stable than their solid wood counterparts. They are less inclined to shrink, swell or warp because of the diverse range of materials that go into their construction. Engineered wood doors can also be somewhat tougher than solid wood doors. Wood splits easily along the grain, but since engineered doors are made of several different wood grains that all run in different directions, they are far more durable.

Another advantage of engineered doors is their improved insulation abilities, they are more effective at keeping warm rooms warm and cool rooms cool. Finally, engineered wood doors are environmentally friendly. The wood that would be harvested for a single solid wood door can be enough to form the veneer for several engineered doors.