Basic Information

What type of door styles do you sell?

We sell doors to match any type of architectural style. Including Contemporary, Shaker, Traditional, Craftsman, French, or Victorian doors.

What types of material are your doors?

Our doors are constructed of either wood, fiberglass, or MDF (medium density fiberboard).

Do you have doors for the outside or inside of the home?

We have both interior and exterior doors in a variety of styles and materials. Although “exterior” doors- with a width of 1” ¾”- can be used inside if desired.

What kind of protection do I need for exterior doors?

Exterior doors require an overhang that provides enough coverage to accommodate the door both when it’s open and closed. If a door must be in an exposed location and an adequate overhang is not feasible- consider a fiberglass door.

What size are your doors?

Our door shop can lengthen or shorten a door to fit any entryway.

What types of finish can I use on your doors?

Our doors can be either painted or stained.

Pre-Hung Doors

Do you sell pre-hung doors?

Yes, our door shop can pre-hang doors in pre-built frames.

What height are your pre-hung doors?

The standard heights of our pre-hung doors are 6’/8”, 8’/0”, and 7’/0”. If you have an entryway that requires a non-standard size, contact our sales associates about customizing options.

What type of material do you use for jambs for your pre-hung frames?

Options include primed pine, natural mahogany, natural douglas fir, or water-resistant composite jambs.

What size jambs do you use for pre-hung frames?

Jambs are available in the following sizes.

For interior doors: 4-9/16″, 4-13/16″, 5-1/4″, 6-5/8″, 7-1/4″
For exterior doors: 4-5/8″, 5-1/4″, 6-5/8″, 7-1/4″

Additionally, our Door Shop can customize for non-standard sizes.

Do you build pre-hung frames for interior/exterior doors with kerfed jambs?

We can build pre-hung exterior doors with kerfed jambs that allow weather stripping to be inserted.

Are your pre-hung frames right/left-handed/inswing/outswing?

We customize our pre-hung doors to your specifications. We can construct pre-hung frames to be either right or left-handed with either an inswing or an outswing.

What type of hinges are available for pre-hung doors?

We can install brass (US3), bronze (US10B), satin nickel (US15B), and chrome (US26) hinges with either square or rounded edges.

What size bores are available for pre-hung doors?

The following bores sizes are available: Standard 2-3/8″ Backset or 2-1/8″ with 1” cross-bore; the center of the bottom hole to the bottom of door is 36″, or Double Bore is 5-12″ center to center.

What finishes are available for thresholds and door shoes for exterior pre-hung doors?

Aluminum (mill) or bronze.

What color weatherstripping is available for exterior pre-hung doors?

We can install white or brown weather stripping.