Definitions of Terms under Alphabet C
Cylinder Lock

Lock hardware that mounts into a door which has been prepared with a bore hole(s).


A large through-hole, near the edge of a door panel, which houses a cylinder lock-set or deadbolt latch.

Cove Molding

Molded piece of wood with concave profile used where doors meet a wall, or frame.

Corner Plug, Corner Seal Pad

A small part, usually made of resilient material used to keep water from getting between the door edge and the jambs, adjacent to the bottom gasket.

Continuous Sill

A sill used for a type of door and sidelite unit in which the unit has full-width top and bottom frame parts, and an internal post(s) separating sidelites from the door.

Closer Block

An inside reinforcement, usually placed across the top edge of a door, to enable firm fastening of self-closing hardware.

Closed-Cell Foam

Sponge-like material, usually used in gaskets and weather-stripping which compresses into joints, but absorbs little water.

Clear Jambs

Natural wood door frames, without paint or primer applied, and which appears to be made of full-length pieces of stock, without joints or knots.


Facing or jacket which works as a protection against weather and provides a finished appearance. Cladding may be painted metal, plastic, or a heavy coating applied by the manufacturer.


Sealant, used to seal against air and water leakage through the joint or recess.


A horizontal or vertical molding, which accents or trims edges of doors and windows to the surrounding walls.

Carpet Shim

A spacer block used under a doorsill to raise the sill an appropriate amount if carpet is used, so the door clears the carpet when opened.